Keep the garage





Many of our clients request bids to convert their garage into something – whether it’s a bedroom, home office, or guest house. While this might seem like a solution to your current needs, it’s important to keep in mind how this will affect your home’s resale value. Most buyers want a garage for practical reasons, and not having one could be a deal breaker.…

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Take advantage of lighting




The brightness of a room can make a huge impact on its appearance. Not only will the space feel larger and more open, but will also allow for buyers to feel more confident in what they are seeing. Having a window installed or widened is a great option for small, dark rooms. Adding light colored paint, sheer curtains and bright light fixtures can also remedy the problem.…

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Replace dated fixtures




While your brass faucets and fixtures might work just fine, these little dated details can be a real turn-off to buyers. Gold framed showers, door knobs and hinges all contribute to an out-of-style interior. Replace them with brushed nickel or chrome for a fresh look.…

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Keep bright exterior paint to a minimum





Curb appeal serves as a strong first impression for home buyers, so if the exterior of your home could use a refresh, it’s important to choose a color that isn’t too bold. Try to stick with modern, neutral colors. If you feel like you need a pop of color to add personality and make your home stand out, try accent colors by painting the front door or shutters – repainting these items later on won’t be as daunting to buyers as repainting the entire house.…

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